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“Struggle against the occupation” (i.e., violence against Israel) is legitimate

“Chairman of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club Qadura Fares warned not to pay any of the compensations required of the prisoners by the occupation courts in their rulings against them. Fares said that any legal cooperation with any ruling involving payment of compensation would be considered a violation of the national resolution, as it would be acknowledgement of the prisoner’s struggle against the occupation as an erroneous act that requires an apology and compensation [to Israel]. The [Palestinian] Prisoners’ Club said that Fares’ warning came ‘after several attorneys were proved to have been involved in dubious deals without having bothered to protect the national stance, which is opposed to paying compensation to the occupation.’ It should be noted that the club has succeeded, through legal efforts, in obtaining a ruling from the Israeli court to the effect that no imprisonment penalty will be imposed on those who fail to pay the compensation.”