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PA TV: Israeli building near Tel Aviv is ‎a “continuation of its Judaization ‎policy”‎

Official PA TV sports program The Pulse of ‎the Courts:
Official PA TV host: “The Israeli authorities ‎have approved a Judaization project to ‎build 60,000 housing units in the Tel Aviv ‎area. Israeli military camps will be ‎transferred to the Negev and will be ‎replaced with housing units.”‎
Official PA TV reporter: “In continuation of ‎its Judaization policy, the aim of which is ‎to establish demographic and legal facts ‎on the ground, the so-called Israel Land ‎Administration has recently approved an ‎agreement to build 60,000 Judaization ‎‎[housing] units around Tel Aviv. This ‎Judaization project is the product of a ‎previous agreement between the ‎occupation’s Defense Ministry and the so-‎called Israel Land Administration… There ‎is no doubt that a plan of this kind comes ‎as part of the activity to Judaize the ‎Negev, which includes dozens of Arab ‎villages that are not recognized by the Tel ‎Aviv government.”‎