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Official PA news agency refers to “alleged Temple” ‎in article about Jewish groups visiting Temple ‎Mount

Headline: “Increased presence of [Muslim] ‎worshippers thwarts the schemes of the ‎Jewish groups at Al-Aqsa”‎
‎“An increased presence of [Muslim] ‎worshippers at the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque ‎today, Wednesday [March 4, 2015], ‎prevented the Jewish groups gathered as ‎part of the ‘alleged Temple organizations’ ‎from carrying out schemes and Talmudic ‎activities inside it.”‎

Note: “Alleged Temple organizations” – refers ‎to religious Jewish movements including the ‎Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, The ‎Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount ‎initiative and Students for the Temple Mount, ‎which spread awareness of the importance of ‎the Temple Mount in Judaism and encourage ‎people to visit the site. Preceding the Purim ‎holiday, religious websites such as the ‎Temple Mount News website ‎ ‎[Feb. 23, ‎‎2015] announced a “special visit” to the ‎Temple Mount, which was expected to draw ‎‎“masses of Jews.”‎