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PA religious council calls on Muslims to ‎‎"use all means available" to protect holy ‎places from "Judaization"‎

     ‎“The [Palestinian] Supreme Fatwa Council ‎warned of the sparking of a religious war in ‎Gaza, which would consume everything in ‎our region and several other regions of the ‎world, as a result of the increase in the rate ‎of attacks and violations [committed] ‎against the Palestinian people and its holy ‎places, the most recent of which was the ‎call of extremist Jewish organizations to ‎invade the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, burn ‎down the Al-Huda Mosque in the village of ‎Jab’a west of Bethlehem and the Greek ‎Orthodox church in Jerusalem, in addition ‎to the intention of the so-called ‘prime ‎minister’ of the occupation, Benjamin ‎Netanyahu, to invade the Ibrahimi Mosque ‎‎(i.e., Cave of the Patriarchs) in Hebron‎‏ ‏on ‎the tenth of the present month… It [the Council] placed responsibility for the ‎results of these violations and provocations ‎on the occupation authorities, clarifying ‎that the Palestinian nation would not sit ‎idly by in the face of the racist attacks that ‎are harming its holy places, its land and its ‎own [people].‎
The Council also condemned the blind ‎and unjust killing in the name of Islam, ‎clarifying that Islam is a religion of mercy ‎and compassion that prohibits violence ‎and murder and opposes the sanctioning ‎of unjustified and legally unrestrained ‎‎[spilling of] blood. The Council called on ‎the Arab and Muslim nations to do their ‎utmost to defend the Palestinian holy ‎places, which are going up in flames of ‎desecration and Judaization; for they have ‎no choice but [to engage in] fervent activity ‎using all means available to them in order ‎to protect the purity of the holy places and ‎prevent the vigorous attempts to desecrate, ‎falsify and Judaize them, before it is too ‎late. ‎
This [statement was made] during the 125th ‎session of the Supreme Fatwa Council ‎headed by [PA] Grand Mufti of Jerusalem ‎and the Palestinian Territories, Council ‎Chairman Sheikh Muhammad Hussein.”‎