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Karake proves that PA still responsible for terrorists' salaries

 A statement from Issa Karake, the former PA Minister of Prisoners who became the Director of the PLO Commission on Prisoners, provides further evidence that the creation of the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs was a superficial change in name only that did not reflect any true change in its sources of funding. According to Karake’s statement, the employees of the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs are also paid their salaries directly from the PA government: 
“[PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs Director Issa Karake called on the [PA] government to pay the salaries of the Commission’s employees - in Gaza. Karake directed his appeal to [PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, stressing that the Commission’s employees in Gaza had not been paid their salaries this month. The government announced last Wednesday that it would pay [each employee] at least 2,000 shekels from the employees’ salaries, because of the continued freezing of [PA] tax money for the third consecutive month by the occupation government.”