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Fatah delegation gives a map that ‎presents Israel and PA areas as “Palestine”‎

‎“A delegation from Fatah’s West Gaza ‎branch visited the headquarters of the ‎‎[Palestinian] National Initiative (PNI) ‎yesterday [March 12, 2015], in order to ‎congratulate it on its admission into the PLO, ‎as part of the resolutions recently taken by ‎the [PLO] Central Committee... ‎ At the end of the session, the delegation ‎awarded [the PNI representatives] a ‎memento in appreciation of their national ‎role.”‎

Note: Image shows Fatah and PNI members ‎with the memento - a map of "Palestine” that ‎includes all of Israel and the PA areas, ‎beneath a Palestinian flag. The picture in the ‎background shows Secretary-General of the ‎Palestinian National Initiative movement and ‎PA Legislative Council member Mustafa ‎Barghouti. ‎

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