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PA TV: Tower of David Museum is "a Judaizing museum" that tells of "the alleged Temple"

Official PA TV program "From Jerusalem"
Name of TV report: “The Citadel of David, ‎strong resolve and pride against the Israeli ‎forgery” ‎

Official PA TV narrator: “[David’s] Citadel ‎fell into the hands of the occupation in ‎‎1967 and extensive ‎excavations began, during ‎which a part of it [the Citadel] was ‎destroyed along with a number of ancient Islamic relics. In 1980, the occupation ‎changed it into a Judaizing museum ‎called the ‘David Citadel Museum’ (i.e., ‎Tower of David Museum), which tells the ‎story of the alleged temple. It displays the ‎Talmudic narrative, remains of rocks - that are claimed to be from the period of the Temple, paintings, ‎exhibits, models, signs and ‎advanced audio systems - that tell an imaginary ‎Hebrew history, especially the Talmudic ‎details about the alleged temples, the first ‎and second ones.”‎
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