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Abbas supports United Arab list, Israeli Arab political party

Official PA TV program From the Interior hosted Mayor of Nazareth Ali Salem on his position regarding the United Arab List, an Israeli Arab political party that united several Arab parties.

Ali Salem, mayor of the Israeli city of Nazareth: “I support [them]. I am a strong power that supports [them], because I was with our leader and president, the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas. I met with him yesterday in Ramallah, and he spoke to me at length. I promised him I would support [them]. He asked me to support [them]. He said to me: ‘You have to support [them], as I know you and your power and your popularity. You are popular not just in Nazareth but throughout the Arab sector [in Israel].’ I promised our leader and president Mahmoud Abbas that I would support [them] as best I could… For the sake of unity and for the future of this city and for the future of the Arab sector and for the entire Palestinian cause, as our President and leader Mahmoud Abbas said: ‘You have attained unity and cooperation, and you need to support [them].’ I intend to support this list.”
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