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Fox News on PMW report: PA monument dedicated to terrorist who led attack that killed 37‎ civilians

Fox News on PMW report:
PA monument dedicated to terrorist
who led attack that killed 37‎ civilians

Headline: Heroine from hell: Palestinians honor mass killer with monument

[As reported by PMW,] a female terrorist who died in an infamous attack that killed 38 Israelis, including 13 children, was memorialized last week at a public square in Ramallah in what Jewish leaders say is just the latest twisted example of Palestinians glorifying extremist murderers.

The square was rededicated to last week, on the 37th anniversary
of the bloody attack.
(Palestinian Media Watch)

Dalal Mughrabi, who led the deadly 1978 bus hijacking on Israel’s Coastal Highway that also wounded more than 70, has long been venerated as a freedom fighter in Palestinian territories, where schoolchildren are taught to praise her as a martyr and freedom fighter. The move to honor her with a dedication of a square in the West Bank capital dates back to 2010, when the Palestinian Authority canceled a ceremony that would have coincided with a visit by Vice President Joe Biden. A year later, the PA went through with a dedication, and last week held a "re-dedication" that once again opened an old wound...
The square is in Ramallah, the West Bank's capital.
(Palestinian Media Watch)

The Beirut-born Mughrabi, who was 19, led a group of 11 terrorists in the March 11, 1978, attack near Tel Aviv... The terrorists, who hoped to attack the Knesset, hijacked a taxi, killed its occupants and then seized two buses. Israeli forces stopped the bus and engaged the terrorists in a gunfight during which Mughrabi raised the Palestinian flag and then blew up the bus with a grenade.

The monument in the middle of Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Square depicts Mughrabi cradling a gun against a backdrop of a map of Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Last week's rededication ceremony was preceded by a Facebook post by Fatah, the group that carried out the attack, commemorating the day and even exaggerating the number of casualties.

“A huge self-sacrificing operation in Herzliya, Tel Aviv," the post stated. "80 Israelis killed and over 100 wounded.”

Mughrabi is as revered by Palestinians as she is reviled by Israelis. [Based on reports from PMW,] The Jerusalem Post reported that in 2010 alone, more than two dozen events and locations were named in honor of her, including a soccer tournament, a computer center and a summer camp. Last week, on the 37th anniversary, the re-dedication was accompanied by several tributes from top Palestinian leaders.

"It is an eternal day and a painful anniversary, but [it also] gives us energy, honor and power on this day, the anniversary of the Martyrdom of the fighter commander Dalal Mughrabi," said Rabiha Dhiab, former Minister of Women's Affairs."She who commanded a squad of self-sacrificing fighters, defined "return" [of refugees] in her own unique way and returned to Palestine to liberate Palestine."