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Palestinian columnist praises Israeli democracy and calls for Palestinians to learn ‎from Israel

Op-ed by Imad Abd Al-Hamid Al-Faluji:‎
Headline: “Israel’s democracy and our anarchy”‎
     ‎“It is no shame to see the truth as it is, and there is no sense in cultivating the art of ‎cursing and denigrating our enemy. I understand the difficulty of speaking [about] or ‎comparing our internal Palestinian situation, the way we design our policies and ‎internal relations, and how we deal with our disagreements with the ‎internal situation of our enemy, who occupies our land, turns our holy places into ‎forfeited [property], and does not even recognize a minimum of our rights. Yet this ‎enemy has proven to us and to the international community that, despite its oppression ‎and aggression, it surpasses us in many respects, which are evident to any observer ‎who possesses a minimum of objectivity…‎
Anyone who observes the internal state of the Israeli entity will be amazed by the ‎range of internal disagreements that exist between the religious and the secular on ‎every issue, and by the disagreements within each of these groups. There is right, ‎center and left, center-right and left-right, and every standpoint has its supporters and ‎opponents, and every official has a file of accusations against him. Yet despite this, ‎they have made laws to regulate these disagreements, and have set a common goal for ‎all, which is ‘to serve the State of Israel and the People of Israel,’ and have succeeded ‎in utilizing their disagreements, turning them into a power that serves them, instead of ‎letting the disagreements control them.‎
And we, who ‘possess the truth,’ look what is happening around us. We are moving in ‎all directions without an agreed plan or goal. Every party, group or individual has its ‎own private plan and goal. We do not believe in any all-inclusive means. We have ‎breached all laws and agreements, and destroyed everything that unites us. Each ‎group claims it possesses the absolute truth, and that all the others are completely ‎wrong. We are no longer able to hear the other, and at the moment anarchy has taken ‎over – political, economic, social and even intellectual anarchy.‎
If we examine the platforms of the Israeli parties during their election campaigns and ‎what they concentrated on, we will find unanimous agreement on the way [they ‎intended] to serve their people economically, socially, in developing employment ‎‎[opportunities], establishing families and solving their problems, eliminating ‎unemployment, strengthening education and achieving security for every citizen – ‎while politics and empty shouting were the aspects [of the elections] that drew the ‎least attention. ‎
With us, by contrast, the majority speaks of politics and general external issues, and ‎only rarely does a party address [the issue of] improving our nation’s [standard of] ‎living, and of solving the internal crises that trouble us. Furthermore, no one proposes ‎solutions to anything. I know the comparison is harsh and highly debatable, and that it ‎is therefore liable to anger those who do not wish to see reality in all its difficulty. Yet ‎we have no choice but to discuss [it]; this way, perhaps one of us will wake up and use ‎this opportunity to improve our situation. Our brothers, the Palestinians of ‎the interior (i.e., Israeli Arabs) have set an example for us with their unity (several small ‎Israeli Arab parties united into one party for the Israeli elections in March 2015 –Ed.), ‎and have proven that we can make a change in the face of danger, and that there is ‎still hope.”‎
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