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Breitbart on PMW bulletin: PA honors female terrorist who led attack that killed 37, with ‎monument in her name

Jordan Schachtel  |
Breitbart on PMW bulletin:
PA honors terrorist who led attack that killed 37,
with ‎monument in her name

Headline: Palestinians continue long-standing tradition of honoring suicide bombers

by Jordan Schachtel, March 20, 2015

A female Palestinian suicide jihadist was honored last week as part of the long-standing tradition of glorifying terrorists as heroes.

In Ramallah, where the Palestinian Authority government headquarters is located, a memorial was erected in a public square for Dalal Mughrabi, a female terrorist who was responsible for carrying out an attack that killed 37 Israelis, including 13 children.

Mughrabi led a group of 11 in the 1978 attack that also wounded over 70 people. The Palestinian jihadis hijacked two buses, killing many of its occupants, before Mughrabi raised the Palestinian flag and blew up the bus with an explosive. Israel refers to the mass-murder event as the Coastal Road Massacre. The Palestine Liberation Organization, which is led by current Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, claimed responsibility for facilitating the attack.

Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch reports, “Mughrabi Square is adorned with a large monument in the shape of what the PA tells its people is ‘Palestine’–a map that includes all of the State of Israel. In the center of the monument, there is an image of terrorist Mughrabi holding a rifle.”

Fatah, the Palestinian terror-supporting organization that governs Palestinian areas of the West Bank, or Judea and Samaria, commemorated the attack last week in a post on Facebook. “A huge self-sacrificing operation in Herzliya, Tel Aviv. 80 Israelis killed and over 100 wounded,” the post stated, according to Fox News...

Rabiha Dhiab, former Palestinian minister of Women’s Affairs, struck a far different tone in honoring the terrorist, telling Palestinian television that it “gives us energy, honor and power on this day.” She added that Mughrabi, “who commanded a squad of self-sacrificing fighters … returned to Palestine to liberate Palestine.”

“This square will serve as witness that our people will not forget its heroes and fighters,” added the Palestinian TV anchor.