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Al-Quds University professor, quoted in PA daily: “Hebrew texts are purely literary… This land is Palestinian”

     “The Department of Social Studies (the Faculty of Education) at Al-Quds Open University, in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, organized a conference on the ancient history of Palestine, with the participation of experts from the University of Copenhagen. The President of Al-Quds Open University, Dr. Yunes Amro, stressed that the University had expressed interest in these activities as they contribute to [our] understanding of the foreign view of the Palestinian cause, supporting it on the international level.
Dr. Amro praised the efforts of Dr. Muhammad Issa, the Palestinian researcher at the University of Copenhagen who coordinated the conference, and who cooperated with several foreign researchers in order to examine the Palestinian narrative, communicate it to the world, and expose the injustice of the Israeli occupation. He said: ‘In their research, they concluded that the Hebrew texts are purely literary, with no connection to religion or belief. This proves that this land is Palestinian and that what is recounted in the contradicting narratives is nothing more than a lie.’ Issa clarified that the importance of the research conducted by the two Danish scholars together with him lies in the fact that they sparked a revolution in the views contained in the biblical narrative regarding Israel’s right to this land, as [they established that] these are literary texts that prove nothing and have nothing to do with history.
Professor Thomas Thompson discussed his project… which is the writing of the history of Palestine from ancient times until the present day, in coordination with the Palestinian Ministries of Education and [Tourism and] Antiquities and by relying on scholars who work scientifically without any political motives.
He also discussed the history of the Canaanites and of the Jewish state that existed in Palestine. He noted that it was small and non-contiguous, [which is] in discordance with the Biblical texts and the Jewish outlook, which has not been proven by the records of history.”