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Chicago Sun Times quotes PMW material to show that the threats facing Israel are real

Steve Huntley  |
Chicago Sun Times quotes PMW material
to show that the threats facing Israel are real


Headline: Israel can't afford to ignore vile realities

by Steve Huntley

While holding Netanyahu’s feet to the fire over his comments, Obama, his State ‎Department, his liberal allies and the left-wing anti-Israel crowd have no problem ‎slamming the door on the reality of worse things said and officially sanctioned by ‎Palestinian leaders.‎

Here are some starkly racist comments gleaned from the files of the Palestinian Media ‎Watch...‎

‎*A host on the Palestinian Authority’s official TV network, further identified as a ‎professor of Quranic studies, told his audience, “Humanity will never live in comfort as ‎long as the Jews are causing devastating corruption throughout the land… An old man ‎told me: If a fish in the sea fights with another fish, I am sure the Jews are behind it.”‎

‎*In a PA TV show in February, a cleric delivered the Friday sermon calling Jews “apes ‎and pigs.”‎

‎*In a PA TV poetry reading last September, a Palestinian youth characterized the “sons ‎of Zion” as “barbaric apes,” “wretched pigs” and the “most evil among creations."...‎

These are the comments that the White House and the growing anti-Israel faction on ‎the left are all too ready to pretend were never made. Netanyahu leads a democratic ‎nation whose citizens returned him to office because they have undisputed security ‎fears. Their lives and the lives of their families are on the line amid a Middle East ‎wracked by chaos, ever-rising Islamist violence and persistent hostility to the Jewish ‎state. They don’t have the luxury of pretending that the anti-Semitism of Palestinian ‎society and the persistent rejection of a negotiated peace by Palestinian leadership are ‎not realities.‎


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