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PA official: Prisoners are exposed to “deadly, chronic diseases resulting from secret ‎medical experiments”‎

     ‎“Director of the [PLO] Prisoners’ Affairs Commission [and PA Parliament Member] Issa Karake ‎and a delegation of released prisoners visited the released sick prisoner Na'im Al-Shawamreh in ‎the town of Dura, Hebron [Governorate]. Al-Shawamreh suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, a ‎disease he caught while in prison, and his health has recently deteriorated to the point that he is ‎‎[now] unable to speak or move.‎ Together with Karake, the following people participated in the visit: Rizq Salah, Parliament ‎member (Legislative Council) Abu Ali Yata, Khaled Al-Azraq, Adnan Al-Afandi, Issa Abd Rabbo, ‎Khaled Asakra and Muhammad Darwish...‎ Karake said that Shawamreh and other sick prisoners are victims of severe crimes committed ‎against prisoners in prisons, which expose them to deadly, chronic diseases resulting from secret ‎medical experiments on their bodies, and their deliberate negligence.”‎
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Note: The following terrorists mentioned in the article were released as part of the 104 prisoners whom ‎Israel agreed to release in 2013 to fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations:‎
Na'im Al-Shawamreh - was arrested on March 14, 1995 for placing the explosive device that ‎killed Yossi Hayoun, a police sapper, while he was defusing the bomb (June, 1993).‎
Al-Shawamreh was released in December 2013 as part of the 104 prisoners despite being ‎arrested after the Oslo Accords were signed, this may have been due to his poor health ‎condition.‎
Rizq Salah- killed Israeli soldier Guy Friedman and injured two others with a bomb in Bethlehem ‎in 1990. He was arrested in 1993 and was sentenced to life in prison, but was released in ‎October 2013.‎
Khaled Al-Azraq - placed an explosive device in Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda open market on ‎May 28, 1990. The bomb killed 71-year-old Shimon Cohen and injured 9. Al-Azraq was serving a ‎life sentence in prison, but was released in October 2013.‎
Adnan Al-Afandi - was serving a 30-year prison term for the attempted murder of two young men ‎in 1992. He was released in December 2013.‎
Issa Abd Rabbo - was serving two life sentences for killing two Israeli university students, Ron ‎Levi and Revital Seri, who were hiking south of Jerusalem on Oct. 22, 1984. At gun point he tied ‎them up, put bags over their heads and then shot and murdered both. He was released in ‎October 2013.‎
Khaled Asakra - a Fatah member who murdered 64-year-old French tourist Annie Ley (April 29, ‎‎1991). He was serving a life sentence, but was released in August 2013.‎
Official PA TV program Panorama of the Hour hosted director of PLO’s Commission of ‎Prisoners’ Affairs director and PA Parliament Member Issa Karake

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