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PA governor visits families of imprisoned terrorist murderers “to honor them… for their ‎sons’ resolve”‎

‎"District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Dr. Laila Ghannam, visited families of prisoners in the ‎Al-Amari refugee camp to check on their situation and to honor them for their and their sons' ‎resolve facing of the occupation's arrogance and the suffering of prison. ‎In addition, she said that the prisoners' resolve is a symbol of honor for every Palestinian and a ‎mark of shame on the forehead of the world purporting to be democratic and to honor human ‎rights... ‎Ghannam said that all of our people is each Palestinian prisoner's family, and that undoubtedly the ‎will of the nations will defeat the occupation and its tyranny. Likewise, she expressed her wish to ‎visit all the [prisoners'] families after they [the prisoners] will have defeated the prison guards, and ‎can enjoy freedom among their families and loved ones... ‎During her visit to the family of prisoners Muhammad Khamis Barrash, who was sentenced to three ‎life sentences and 30 years, and Ramzi Khamis Barrash, sentenced to one life sentence, the ‎District Governor said that a world that remains silent while a prisoner who lost his hearing and eye-‎sight and suffered burns to his legs stays in prison, is a world that collaborates with the occupation ‎and its crimes."
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Notes: Ramzi Khamis Barrash – serving a life sentence for participating in the shooting and ‎murder of Gadi Rejwan (Feb. 27, 2002) in Atarot, Jerusalem.‎
Muhammad Khamis Barrash – serving 3 life sentences for the shooting and murder of 2 Israeli ‎soldiers, Elad Wallenstein and Amit Zaneh, and Israeli civilian Sarah Lisha (Nov. 13, 2000) in the ‎West Bank.

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