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PLO official: Palestinian "resistance" and "struggle" are recognized by the UN

Headline: “We oppose the criminalization of the Palestinian struggle”
“The [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs said that the decision of the so-called ‘Head of Central Command’ to apply the principles of the Israeli penal law (amendment 39) to the Palestinians facing trial in the occupied territories, will have dangerous political and legal consequences for the Palestinian national struggle and the prisoners’ issue. The Commission stated in a released report, that the Israeli government strives through its system of military laws… to criminalize the struggle of the Palestinians, to deny the legitimacy of [their] resistance to the occupation, which is recognized by all international laws and in UN resolutions, and to deny them [the Palestinians] their definition as ‘prisoners of war’ and ‘prisoners of freedom.’"

Note: PA leaders and officials have legitimized Palestinian violence by quoting UN resolution 3236 which "recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to regain its rights by all means." The PA interprets "all means" as including violence against civilians, but has chosen to ignore the continuation of the resolution which states that the use of "all means" should be "in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations..." The UN Charter prohibits targeting civilians, even in war. Chapter 1, Article 1, opens by saying that "international disputes" should be resolved "by peaceful means."

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