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Israel Hayom cites instances of PA incitement exposed by PMW to show PA not serious about peace

Omer Dostri  |
Israel Hayom cites instances
of PA incitement exposed by PMW
to show PA not serious about peace

Headline: Finger-pointing and reality

by Omer Dostri, April 6, 2015‎

In an interview to the Nazareth-based Kul al-Arab newspaper last week, Palestinian Authority President ‎Mahmoud Abbas explained that if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict weren't solved, the terrorism and extremism ‎seen these days throughout the Middle East would make its way into Israel.‎

In saying this, Abbas was trying to create the illusion that the freeze in the peace process is Israel's fault and ‎not the result of his own recalcitrance, as well as a twisted picture in which the growing global jihad and ‎fundamentalism are directly related to the Israeli-Arab conflict. But despite Abbas' manipulative remarks, ‎reality has demonstrated the exact opposite. His disingenuous call for negotiations -- after he was the one ‎who pulled out of the last round of peace talks and the one before that -- and his pseudo-moderation run ‎right smack up the wall of reality.‎

The Palestinian Media Watch institute exposed that just a week ago, the official television channel ‎of the PA chose to broadcast a clip in which a school pupil calls to kill Jews ("We will fight the ‎Jews, kill them and overcome them.") This, of course, isn't the only incitement. Last year, the ‎Palestinian Authority Education Ministry organized a sports event in honor of the Egyptian poet ‎Hisham al-Gakh after the latter read a poem that included the words, "My enemy, Zion, Satan with a ‎tail." The head of the Palestinian Sports Authority joined in by sponsoring a table tennis ‎tournament in honor of terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who took part in the 1978 Coastal Road massacre ‎in which 37 Israelis were killed.‎..

The simple facts and reality prove again and again that despite the claims from the leftist camp, ‎Abbas is no "partner" in a peace deal. Quite the opposite: Abbas is doing everything to block a real solution ‎to the conflict, while creating incitement and encouraging "popular resistance," which is code for terrorist ‎activity using small arms.‎

Until a real change takes place in the Palestinian leadership, the diplomatic situation will probably stay the ‎same. And when we look at what's happening in the countries around us, maybe the Palestinians are smart ‎to decide not to do anything that could draw in Hamas or the Islamic State. So it's completely understandable ‎why their current leadership is sitting twiddling its thumbs and eluding every real bid to reach a peace ‎agreement. It's a situation that is good for both sides.‎