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Hamas kids' TV: Mickey Mouse puppet killed by Israel becomes a Martyr

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

A video of Farfur, Hamas Mickey Mouse being beaten and killed by an Israeli:
[Farfur in interrogation]
Israeli interrogator: "Sit down Farfur. Farfur, we want to buy the land, we will give you a lot of money.
Farfur: "No!! We don't sell our lands to terrorists!"
Israeli: "Farfur!!! I want you to give me the documents, give me the documents!!!"
Farfur: "I won't give the document! Won't give! Won't give!"
Israeli: "Farfur!!! Farfur! Hand me the documents Farfur! Hand me the documents Farfur! You call us terrorists, Farfur?! Take this, take this! Take this! Take this!"
Farfur: "Stop! Stop!"
TV Host: "Yes, our children friends, we lost our dearest friend, Farfur. Farfur became a Shahid (Martyr) while protecting his land."

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