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PA Parliament member encourages "an all-out popular Intifada" alongside "diplomatic actions"

Headline: “Abu Laila emphasizes the importance of the petition to the International Court”
“Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front [for the Liberation of Palestine] (DFLP) and [PA] Parliament Member Qais Abd Al-Karim ‘Abu Laila’ said that our people will not stand idly by while the occupation government expropriates lands and expands the settlements located on our land…
He added: ‘Our people will oppose the actions of expanding the settlements and stealing land that the occupation authorities are committing by broadening the popular resistance against the occupation on the way to an all-out popular Intifada, which will cause it troubles and great losses and force it to leave. This is alongside a continuation of the diplomatic actions and the petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC).’”