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April 2015 poll: Majority of Palestinians oppose third intifada

Immediate outbreak of third intifada:
67% oppose
26% support

Intifada as a means to establish the independent Palestinian state:
- Overall: 61% oppose
34% support
- West Bank: 64% oppose
30% support

Note: "The following are the results and analysis of the latest Arab World for Research & Development (AWRAD) poll... The present survey was fielded from April 4-6, 2015... The poll was fielded after the victory of the right in the recent Israeli elections. Other major events occurring before the fieldwork included: the 2015 Arab League Summit in Egypt, the assault and seizure of the Yarmouk Refugee Camp by ISIS, the attacks of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah’s recent visit to Gaza, Israel’s continued seizure of Palestinian tax revenues, the failure of the PA to pay full salaries to its employees for the last five months and the entry of the Palestinians to the International Criminal Court."