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NATO and Israel behind unrest in the Arab world “in order to strengthen Israel’s presence” and its “supremacy”

Headline: “Abbas Zaki clears ambiguity over position regarding Al-Yarmouk”
“In response to the media frenzy and the contradictory positions and declarations voiced recently by numerous Palestinian officials regarding the aggression of IS and other Takfir factions (i.e., Islamist factions ‎that accuse other people or groups of ‎heresy) against the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp, Fatah Central Committee Member and Commissioner of Arab Relations and Relations with China Abbas Zaki stressed that remaining silent in the face of this crime is treason, ignoring the truth is a plot and the confusion in confronting the [IS] aggression is [an act of] cowardice and desertion, a sinking into the quagmire of history’s farces. [He added that] Fatah is not the one using a defective sword to deal with the aggression against its people’s refugee camps, and not the one exposing the flesh of its banished sons to the swords of the traitors and schemers - the agents of NATO and the ghost brigades of the Mossad and the US Intelligence… Zaki said that every battle that begins with slogans of democracy and legitimacy surely ends with ‘Islamic Stateness,’ which is what has happened in Iraq, Syria and Libya, and that what is happening now in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Sinai will undoubtedly also end with ‘Islamic Stateness.’ That is because the enemies wanted this to be the destiny of our Arab region, within the framework of drawing a new map [for the region], erasing and removing our Palestinian cause from their nations’ agenda, and replacing it with other agendas and priorities. That is because they have decided definitively to divide what was already divided and to change the nation’s map and priorities in order to strengthen Israel’s presence and ensure its supremacy over us.”

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