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PA to compile list of Gazan civil servants who get salary even though many do not work

Headline: “The government decided to open the registration of workers who were appointed before 2007”
“During the weekly meeting held today [April 14, 2015] in Ramallah, led by PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah… the government ratified the suggestion of the administrative legal committee from its meeting on Sunday, May 12, 2015, led by the Prime Minister. It did this by appointing the ministers and heads of government institutions to form a sub-committee which will record the names and details of all workers who worked until June 14, 2007 in the Gaza Strip, in the office or department to which the employee belongs…
The task of the sub-committee will be to reduce the number of workers who can be considered to have worked [until June 14, 2007] and call them to work, and to reduce the number of workers considered to have lost their jobs. Likewise, it has to submit its suggestions to the administrative legal committee, which is a supreme supervisory committee, which will in its turn determine the situation of the civil employees, including those who can’t return to Gaza. Likewise, the government will contact all parties in order to provide the financial resources necessary to guarantee the monetary payments to workers whose salaries were stopped and who continued to work after June 14, 2007, and to those appointed after that date.”