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‎Fox News reports on death of Hamas Mickey Mouse

Fox News gives a follow-up report on Hamas' Mickey Mouse character ‎Farfur, in his final appearance as victim and Martyr in a violent death scene ‎at the hands of the Israelis. Palestinian Media Watch's exposure of the ‎Hamas TV show's incitement to hatred succeeded in getting Farfur off the air ‎after capturing international media attention.‎

Anchor: "Well, you are seeing it here, exclusively, first. Farfur is dead. We ‎brought this story here on this program a couple of...months ago. The Hamas ‎Al Aqsa TV used that Mickey Mouse-like character named Farfur on a ‎children's TV program. He spouted hate of Israel and America, mocked ‎President Bush, [Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice, pretended to throw ‎hand grenades and he used AK-47s, and preached Islamic domination of ‎the world.‎
Well, Palestinian Media Watch monitored Farfur, and the revelation that the ‎propaganda device was being used to brainwash children sparked ‎international outrage, so Hamas TV promised to take it off the air. And they ‎did, but it turns out Farfur was beaten to death. We just saw the final episode ‎where an actor portrayed an Israeli official who beat Farfur trying to steal ‎Farfur's land, you can't make this up. The mouse called the Israeli official a ‎terrorist. Palestinian Media Watch's head Itamar Marcus denounced Farfur, ‎the Fatah-run Palestinian broadcasters also criticized using that character to ‎teach hate, but Hamas, defiant, the mouse, no more, has demised part of ‎Hamas' political message..."‎
‎[Fox News, July 1, 2007]‎