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Fatah: Imprisonment of Marwan Barghouti, a terrorist serving 5 life sentences, is a “war crime”

Headline: “Fatah’s parliamentary faction: The continuation of Barghouti’s imprisonment is a war crime Israel will be held accountable for ”
“Fatah’s parliamentary faction said that the fact that the occupation authorities continue to keep Parliament Member Marwan Barghouti and other Parliament members imprisoned is a continuous war crime for which Israel will be held accountable. In an announcement to the press today, Wednesday [April 15, 2015], on the 13th anniversary of the abduction of Parliament Member and leader Marwan Barghouti by the occupation authorities, the faction added that the continuation of his imprisonment that followed his abduction is a severe and disgraceful violation of all the international resolutions and treaties, since he is a Parliament member, elected by the Palestinian people… The faction sent its greetings to prisoner leader Barghouti who is entering his 14th year in the occupation prisons, and all the Parliament members, political leaders, glorious male and female prisoners standing firm in the face of the occupation’s policy of oppression. In addition, the faction emphasized that the dawn of freedom of prisoner leader and Parliament Member Marwan Barghouti and all the Parliament members and Palestinian prisoners will soon break, beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

Note: Marwan Barghouti - serving 5 life sentences for orchestrating three shooting attacks that killed 5 people: one in Jerusalem (June 12, 2001, 1 killed), another in Givat Zeev near Jerusalem (Jan. 15, 2002, 1 killed), and one in Tel Aviv (March 5, 2002, 3 killed). When arrested in 2002, he headed the Tanzim (Fatah terror faction). After he was convicted and imprisoned, he was re-elected member of the Palestinian Authority parliament.

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