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Reshet Bet report on Farfur becoming shahid

Anat Davidov: “The children’s program on Hamas TV, starring Farfur, the Palestinian Mickey Mouse was taken off the air. It was important for Hamas that the end of the program would express the deep hatred for Israel and in the last episode Farfur becomes a shahid after he was beaten by an Israeli interrogator. Gal Berger, our reporter of Palestinian affairs."

Gal Berger: “The children’s program ‘Tomorrow’s Pioneers’ that was broadcast on Al Aqsa Hamas TV, goes off the air a month and a half after its venomous contents caused a storm around the world – one of the greatest achievements of the institute Palestinian Media Watch. In the last episode of the show, Farfur is forced to deal with the great pressure that an Israel interrogator puts on him. Farfur does not give in and the interrogator beats him to death.”

[Farfur excerpt]

Gal Berger: “The girl hostess concludes, ‘Yes children, we lost our dearest friend, Farfur, who became a shahid while protecting his land.’ And thus, the curtain falls on the children’s hero of Hamas.”

Anat Davidov: “Minnie mouse obviously awaits him in Paradise, Ms. Farfur. This piece was received courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch.”