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Terrorist who beat man to death with a shovel praised on PA TV as “heroic”‎

Official PA TV program
The Woman's Struggle hosted the mother of prisoner Diya Al-Agha: ‎
PA TV host: "We would like to focus on prisoner Diya [Al-Agha]. What was the reason for his ‎imprisonment? He has served 23 years in prison. The heroic operation (i.e., terror attack) he ‎carried out was certainly widely known. He is a fighter and a veteran prisoner, but tell us about him ‎‎[yourself] as well." ‎
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Note: Diya Zakariya Shaker Al-Agha "Al-Faluji" - serving a life sentence for beating Israeli citizen ‎Amatzia Ben Haim to death with a shovel in the Gaza Strip (Oct. 11, 1992). ‎

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