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Official PA daily: ISIS' "role complements the Zionist enterprise"

Headline: “Israel and the boycott campaign”
Excerpt of op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, regular columnist for official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
“The European intention, announced by 16 foreign ministers of the EU, according to which settlement products must be marked, proves that the international boycott campaign against Israel and its spoiled children – the settlers – is starting to affect [them]…
Instead of discussing the reasons for this boycott, Israel continues its settlement activities and defies the world by turning its back on the peace efforts, ignoring the Palestinian cause, and attempting to deflect attention to distant issues like the Iranian nuclear [program] and the spread of ISIS. All of these are scarecrows far from the reality, meant to erase the Palestinian issue and nothing more, as Iran is not actually interested in creating nuclear weapons, as it knows the world will not permit this. Likewise, Israel is armed with hundreds of nuclear, hydrogen, and neutron bombs – enough to destroy Africa and the Middle East. The nuclear bomb was used [only] once and that will not be repeated, as whoever uses it will not remain on earth.
In addition, ISIS and similar organizations are close to the Israeli army in the Golan and in Sinai. They have not bothered Israel except to court it and request coordination and logistical and financial aid, and help in caring [for their wounded]. Therefore, Israel is not in danger from these parasitic forces, as their role complements the Zionist enterprise, whose goal is a division of the influence in the Arab region with Turkey and Iran.”