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Official PA daily: Israel stole falafel, humus, and El Al flight attendant uniforms from the Palestinians

Headline: “The Palestinian heritage is facing Judaization”

     “The heritage festival being held in the convention castle in the area of the Solomon Pools, south of Bethlehem, threw light on the thefts of our ethnic heritage carried out by the occupation. The convention was held by the Al-Quds Open University, under the title The Ethnic Palestinian Heritage in the Bethlehem District – Identity and Affiliation.

The dean’s office for scientific research and higher studies at the Al-Quds Open University published a booklet called Our Ethnic Heritage – Between Extinction and Judaization, which included examples of thefts of our ethnic heritage carried out by the occupation.

The booklet relied on documentation of these thefts, Israeli objects, pictures, and books that expose the theft of many items from our heritage, such as Palestinian clothing, ethnic foods, and the national keffiyeh (Arab headdress).

The booklet showed the theft of the Palestinian garment in the ethnic encyclopedia in 1993 and its attribution to the occupation state. However, intensive efforts on the part of researcher Maha Al-Saqa led to the cancellation of this theft in 2007.

One of the most conspicuous Israeli thefts of Palestinian heritage was the adoption of the Palestinian garment for the uniform of the flight attendants of the Israeli company EL AL, as a picture published by the Israeli daily Jerusalem Post of a flight attendant of the company wearing the Palestinian garment shows…

In 2012, the occupation state stole the Palestinian garment decorated with the Canaanite octagonal star at an international convention for garments of the world’s peoples held in New York.

According to researcher Al-Saqa, the Israeli thefts have also spread to ethnic foods, such as falafel, humus, hyssop, and majadra, categorized in Israeli books as Israeli foods.

In the announcement of the Israeli company EL AL, the company suggests to its travelers to choose the ‘Israeli’ food they prefer: humus, falafel, shakshouka, or shawarma. In addition, the occupation state markets the Palestinian hyssop throughout the world as an Israeli product called ‘Israeli hyssop’ in different sized containers.

The matter has reached the distortion of the Palestinian keffiyeh, and its presentation in a number of colors in order to conceal its political content. A number of years ago, researcher Maha Al-Saqa carried out a campaign against these types of keffiyehs, especially those that are blue, which is the color of the Israeli flag.”

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