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Palestinian Liberation Front emphasizes ending Fatah-Hamas rift and employing "all the forms of legitimate resistance... until the occupation is defeated"

Headline: “On the anniversary of the beginning of its activities, the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF) promises to continue its path until the achievement of the goals for which it began its activities”
“The Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF) emphasized its adherence to the fundamental principles and national rights of the Palestinian people and its defense of the national project in all the forms of legitimate resistance (i.e., including violence). Likewise, it renewed the call to end the despicable rift (i.e., between Fatah and Hamas) and to restore and strengthen the national unity. The Front added in a notice yesterday [April 26, 2015] for its national day that occurs today, April 27, that it will continue the path of the movement’s leaders and the Palestinian people’s Martyr (Shahid) leaders until the occupation is defeated.”