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Gazan worker described working in Israel in the 90s as a “golden age”

Headline: “Younes Hussein reminisces about the golden age inside the Green Line”
“[The period when they] worked inside the green line was a golden age for the Gaza workers. They were among the richest groups in the Strip and money was showered on them. Today, however, they are facing the most difficult situation, to the point that many of them beg for handouts from organizations and institutions due to poverty.’ With these words, worker Younes Hussein, 46, from Nuseirat refugee camp describes his situation, as one of the workers who used to earn a lot of money in the 90’s… He added: ‘I have been unemployed since 2003, after I was prohibited from entering Israel because of the [second] Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign, 2000-2005), the political and the security situation, and the situation in Gaza is very difficult – there is a siege, there are wars and unemployment that spreads among the young people,’ and he wondered how he would find a job, when young people at the peak of their youth are unemployed.”