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Fatah: Martyrdom death for Palestine is "sacred"

Headline: “Fatah: The harmful statements of Al-Zahar regarding the symbols of the liberation movement are a betrayal of the Palestinian nationalism and the sanctity of the Martyrs deaths”
“The Fatah Movement considered the statements of [senior Hamas official] Mahmoud Al-Zahar against President Leader Martyr (Shahid) Yasser Arafat to be a betrayal of the Palestinian nationalism and of the sanctity of the death as Martyrs for Palestine, as well as a desperate attempt to defame the symbol of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (i.e., Fatah) and world liberation movements.”

The article refers to a conspiracy theory aired by senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar in April 2015, according to which the US and Israel used Yasser Arafat until he was no longer useful, at which point they got rid of him and put Mahmoud Abbas in his place.