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Fatah member in PA daily: Zionist project is "a colonialist, economic, and settlement project"

Headline: “Returning the awareness and understanding of the situation in order to break the cage”
Op-ed by Muhammad Shtayyeh, member of the Fatah Central Committee, in the biweekly supplement of the official PA daily
 “Recently [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu came to us with the Jewish state that he wants to build in ‘Judea and Samaria’ (i.e., the West Bank), after the Zionist movement completed its colonialist economic project in the Palestinian coastal region (i.e., Israeli coast), which is the most fertile region in Palestine.
And the question is: If the state is ‘Jewish’ and relies on the geography of the Bible, why was the State of Israel not established from its beginning in ‘Judea and Samaria,’ in other words the West Bank, and the coastal region not left for the Palestinians? The answer is that the Zionist project was not a religious project at all, but rather a colonialist, economic, and settlement project meant to draw settlers, and religion was only one of the excuses for this project, which merited the sponsorship of the colonialist countries, and began as a source of mutual benefit for Britain and the Zionist movement, each for its own reasons.”

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