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CAMERA report on Nakba Day cites PMW documentation of PA claiming Israel as "Palestine"

Sarit Catz  |
CAMERA report on Nakba Day cites PMW documentation of PA claiming Israel as "Palestine"

Headline: What You Won’t Hear about “Nakba Day”

by Sarit Catz

Friday, May 15, has been designated by Palestinian Arab leaders to mark this year's “Nakba Day,” the day they commemorate the “catastrophe” of the founding of Israel. There will be marches, rallies and demonstrations. And, there will be media coverage but it will likely not include some of the major elements in the Arab-Israeli conflict. For example...

To date, Palestinian Arab leaders do not accept Israel's right to exist. The terrorist group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, is sworn to the destruction of Israel and the genocide of Jews worldwide. The “Hamas Charter” declares, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam abolishes it.”

The “moderate” Fatah movement, headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas – currently in the tenth year of his four-year presidential term – also continues to deny the very existence of the Jewish state. Last month, Fatah posted on its official Facebook page, “Palestine means the entire national land, from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea. The land is for us Palestine.” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has documented numerous such declarations in Fatah and PA media, schoolbooks and speeches. PMW reports:

Since May 7, 2015, all broadcasts on official PA TV have been showing a logo with the PA's representation of the map of "Palestine," which includes the PA areas, the Gaza Strip and all of Israel. [...]

Numerous times, Palestinian Media Watch has documented the fact that the PA and Fatah present to the Palestinian public this map that includes all of Israel, referring to it as "Palestine" or "occupied Palestine," leaving no room for a "two-state solution" in any borders.


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