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‎Israeli TV reports on Hamas TV children's puppet, Nahul the bee, who ‎preaches messages of hate

Israeli TV reports on Nahul the bee, the new puppet character introduced on ‎Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV program for kids Tomorrow’s Pioneers. The program ‎came under intense media scrutiny following Palestinian Media Watch’s ‎exposure of the Mickey Mouse character Farfur, who preached messages of ‎hate to Palestinian children. As a result, the Hamas TV channel killed off ‎Farfur, only to replace him with Nahul, who states in the clip that he has ‎come to “continue the path of Farfur,” “to take revenge upon the enemies of ‎Allah (i.e., the Jews), the killers of prophets and of the innocent children.”‎
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Reporter 1: “We parted with great sorrow from Farfur, you remember him? ... ‎Farfur, for those of you who didn’t see or who don’t remember, is the Shahid ‎Mickey Mouse who became the star of a children’s program on the Hamas ‎television station. Here is a reminder of his bitter end at the hands of an ‎enemy Zionist official.‎
Reporter 2: “Dead. The seven days of mourning passed. There! A successor ‎to Farfur was found.”
Reporter 1: “Not seven days of mourning. They have a mourners’ tent.”
Reporter 2: “Fine. Here is a first coverage of the new children’s star in ‎Gaza. Maybe he’ll remind you of Maya the Bee [Israeli cartoon character] but ‎in reality, he is not as lovable as she is. There it is." ‎
‎[Nahul excerpt]‎
‎[Arutz 2, July 17, 2007]‎

Click the following link to view the Hamas TV clip of Farfur’s death:‎‎

Click the following link to view the Hamas TV clip of Nahul’s first appearance ‎on the show:‎‎