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Mothers’ feelings when sons are martyred: “Palestine is one, the sons are many”‎

PA TV host:‎ "Let’s talk about an issue that has been a point of discussion for many ‎years, from the 1st and 2nd Intifada (i.e., Palestinian waves of violence against ‎Israelis): The world’s attitude towards the Palestinian woman, as a woman devoid of ‎maternal feelings who makes sounds of joy when her son dies as a Martyr, or when ‎she loses her husband, etc…‎"
Women’s rights activist Amal Al-A’araj: "The Palestinian woman who makes sounds ‎of joy for her Martyr son, was raised by a Palestinian woman greater than her in her ‎love for the homeland and [the belief]‎ ‎ that Palestine ‘is more precious than my ‎sons.’ Palestine is one, the sons are many. I can give birth to 10 or 12, and I know ‎people with 15, 16 and more, but Palestine is one. The land of Palestine is one...‎"
PA TV host:‎ "So this does not mean that her sons are not precious to her, and that she ‎is a mother devoid of emotion, right?‎"
Women’s rights activist: "Of course [not].‎"
PA TV host: "There is a great message.‎"
Women’s rights activist: "We can all see that she cries first, and then makes sounds of ‎joy. She has feelings. She makes sounds of joy because she accompanied her Martyr ‎son who upheld the cause and defended his land. She witnessed the result of the ‎values she instilled in her son. Nevertheless she makes sounds of joy while crying.‎"
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