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Sheikh on PA TV sends “message of peace” supporting “two states side by side” and PA TV host agrees

Official PA TV program Panorama of the Hour hosted Sheikh Ismail Bulbul – director of Al-Azhar Institutes in Palestine, regarding the anniversary of Muhammad’s Night Journey.
Shiekh Ismail Bulbul: “I call to the enemy and to the friend: We want to live on our land in peace. At this opportunity I want to send a message of peace to all the world: O Muslims and Arabs and countries of the civilized world, in honor of the anniversary of Muhammad’s Night Journey, we want to guard this land and live together in peace in two states side by side, a state called Palestine which will exist on a quarter of the land of Palestine, and a second neighboring state called Israel. We won’t say any more.”
Official PA TV host: “This is a message carried by every Palestinian who wants to live on this land.”

Note: The Al-Azhar Institutes are a network of schools founded when the Gaza Strip was under Egyptian rule.

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