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Official PA daily: 19th century "Palestinian" saints prove Jewish history in Israel is a "fabricated Zionist narrative"

Headline: “The saints and Mahmoud Abbas”
Excerpt of article by Muwaffaq Matar, regular columnist for the official PA daily
     “When His Holiness [Pope Francis] said to [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas: ‘It is fitting to honor you with this medallion because you are an angel of peace,’ (sic., rather than calling Abbas an angel of peace, the pope said that he should be one) for us this was a certificate of recognition by billions of faithful in the world that the ideology and political conduct of President Abbas are noble, tolerant, and peaceful…
A deathly silence fell over the senior Israeli officials when the Catholic Church declared the Palestinian nuns Mary Alphonsine Ghattas (1843-1927) and Mariam Bawardi (1846-1878) as saints, and also afterwards. This is an [Israeli] admission, unwillingly made, of a historic fact, which will dwell forever in the consciousness and faith of billions of faithful in the world. None of those believing in the two falsehoods – ‘the promised land’ and ‘God’s chosen people’ – even dared to jump up and say that Saint Bawardi is ‘Israeli’ because she is from the Galilee (i.e., a region in northern Israel). This is because, simply, they believe that their facts about our holy land (‘their country’) [parentheses in original] are artificial, and created through the terror of occupation and settlement, and that their foundations, which were invented not long ago, are similar to the roots of the desert thistle, as compared to the roots of the holy tree, which is the Palestinian man, which have existed ever since the relationship was established between man on earth and God in heaven…
It is natural that the two saints be Palestinian, and it is just that the fabricated Zionist narrative will take a fall before the holy throne, in the presence of His Holiness Pope Francis, and the messenger of peace, Mahmoud Abbas.”