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PA TV mimics Jewish tradition: Imitates Psalms 137:5 "If I forget thee, oh Jerusalem"

"May my right arm forget me, may my left arm forget me.
May the light of my eyes and the openings of songs forget me, if I forget Jerusalem.
May the joy in my eyes and the green world, forget me.
May every heart forget me.
May the smile of an infant forget me, if I forget Jerusalem.
May my joys forget me, may my morning forget me.
May the suns forget me and may people deny me,
[with] the stars, the moon, the rain and the trees.
May he streets and the houses forget me.
May I wilt, may I wilt and die, if I forget Jerusalem.
May the joy of the day, the shadow of the houses, the sound of strings forget me,
and the laughter of every neighbor, if I forget Jerusalem.
May the smiles of children and the expectation of a meeting forget me,
the joy of a birth and the gates of the entire city,
if I forget Jerusalem."
Text on screen at the end of the video: "Produced by PA TV, 2010"

Note: This video originally aired Feb. 25, 2012. It was rebroadcast 6 times in 2012, 8 times in 2013, 6 times in 2014, and most recently on May 22, 2015.

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