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PA TV accuses Israel of “planting extreme Jews” in Nazareth, termed “Judaization,” because it built a neighborhood for ultra-orthodox Jews

Official PA TV News report on Israel’s construction in Nazareth for ultra-orthodox Jews. The report is entitled: “The Israeli authorities are building a residential neighborhood for extreme Jews in order to change the demographic nature of the city.”

Official PA TV News reporter: “A project whose goal is first and foremost to Judaize the entire city [of Nazareth], after [Israel] has noted a discernible expansion of its Arab [population], and a large growth in their number. After it ‘planted’ tens of thousands of Russian immigrants to ensure a Jewish majority in it [Nazareth], Israel now aims not only to Judaize it, but also to change its character by ‘planting’ extreme groups in it so that the situation will become worse for the Arab residents of the city. [These extreme groups will serve] as a scarecrow to any Arab who may consider living there in the future, in other words, the uprooting of as many Arab residents as possible from the city and the ‘planting’ of extreme and racist Jews in their place. The goal is clear: a demographic change and a revolution in the racial character of this mixed city in order to completely Judaize it.
Further to this subject, Mr. Hana Sweid from the Arab Center for Alternative Planning is joining us from Nazareth... Mr. Hana, who is pushing this Judaization plan, whose implementation has [already] begun, especially as they bring in extremists and plant them in proximity to the Palestinian residents of the interior (i.e., Israel)?

Hana Sweid
: “Actually, this is a new chapter in an old story. The story is the story of Judaization that began with the takeover of the Arab lands and their confiscation, throughout the homeland and especially in the Galilee, and in doing so creating Jewish settlements on them. In this chapter, we’ll recall that Upper Nazareth, which was established on the outskirts of Nazareth, is itself a settlement established at the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s in order to bite into the Arab city of Nazareth, the capital of the Arab Palestinian public in Israel. The opposition to this city is being implemented at the moment through the demographic accumulation of Jewish extremists. We know that the reason for the failure of the projects to Judaize the Galilee until now was essentially demographic. There was not a sufficient number of Jews who agreed and were willing to move to the Galilee in order to shift the existing demographic balance… “