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PA ambassador: Israel “created tension throughout the region"

Headline: “The Embassy of Palestine in Algeria commemorates Nakba day"
“The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Algeria commemorated yesterday [May 24, 2015]… the 67th anniversary of the Nakba (i.e., 'the catastrophe,' Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel)… In his speech, the Ambassador of Palestine in Algeria Luay Issa discussed the pain and distress our people endures , as a result of the consecutive catastrophes befalling it, while the attention of the region’s states is being distracted from what is being done to our people. This is a result of the Arab region’s poor situation, intended to eliminate our cause with everything it includes, especially the right of return. He stressed that [we] must be alert, defend Islam’s holy places and come out against the Israeli schemes aimed at Judaizing the city of Jerusalem, after they succeeded, to a certain extent, in engaging the Arab and Islamic public opinion with secondary, artificial matters, by creating tension throughout the region.”