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European MPs condemn PA for deceiving donors about the salary issue, as exposed in PMW report

Arutz Sheva Staff  |
European MPs condemn PA
for deceiving donors about salary issue,
as exposed in PMW report

Headline: European MPs Condemn PA After Watchdog Report

Sub-Headline: Palestinian Media Watch report noting that PA is still paying terror salaries makes waves

Five European MPs from three separate parliaments have condemned the Palestinian Authority (PA), Palestinian Media Watch reportsMonday, following the organization's special report proving that the PA is still paying salaries to terrorists and their families.

In the report,PMW notes that while the PA officially halted salaries to terrorists in summer 2014 - when the PA Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs, the body responsible for paying the salaries, was changed into a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO - the terror group behind the PA - ed.) Commission of Prisoners' Affairs.

However, the PA technically cut salaries to prisoners by 60% in a very public announcement last month - an announcement that should not have existed in the event salaries were halted in the first place.

PMW has theorized repeatedly that the move was made specifically to dupe European donors, as the name change was made after international pressure was waged against the PA to stop paying terror salaries. Following the report, some European MPs have begin to take notice.

"British taxpayers will be appalled to discover that the Palestinian Authority is handing their hard-earned money to convicted Palestinian terrorists," a joint statement released from British MPs Guto Bebb, James Morris and Andrew Percy states.

"The PA should be strongly condemned for deceiving well-intentioned donor countries into thinking that it had ended this shocking practice."

"The British Government must seriously reconsider its provision of aid to the PA's general budget until it ceases this abhorrent practice of financially rewarding and incentivising [sic] terrorism," they added."

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