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British MPs reconsider funding the PA due to PMW report

Eliezer Sherman  |

British MPs reconsider funding the PA
due to PMW report

Headline: British MPs Call on Government ‎to Reconsider Funding to Palestinian Authority

by Eliezer Sherman

British parliamentarians have called on their government to reconsider providing financial aid to ‎the Palestinian Authority.‎

The request from Conservative MPs Guto Bebb, James Morris and Andrew Percy on ‎Wednesday came after a Palestinian media watchdog accused the PA of continuing to ‎provide monthly salaries to convicted Palestinian terrorists serving out sentences in Israeli ‎jails.‎

‎“The British government must seriously reconsider its provision of aid to the PA’s general ‎budget until it ceases this abhorrent practice of financially rewarding and incentivising ‎terrorism,” said the three in a joint statement.‎

Last week, Palestinian Media Watch’s Itamar Marcus appeared before members of the British, ‎Dutch and German parliaments to discuss a new report he authored accusing the PA of ‎surreptitiously continuing to pay the salaries, though the PA had closed its prisoner affairs ‎ministry in 2014.‎

According to Palestinian Media Watch, the PA tricked the British government into believing that it ‎had ceased providing the salaries, though it had simply established a separate body through the ‎Palestinian Liberation Organization to do the job.‎

Britain’s Department for International Development provides the PA in Ramallah with some £130 ‎million ($199 million) in financial aid each year.‎

Some of the salaries are more than $3,000 per month, and the total amount paid out to prisoners ‎would amount to more than $150 million in 2015, about 15 percent of the PAs total financial ‎assistance, according to PMW.‎

‎“The PA should be strongly condemned for deceiving well-intentioned donor countries into ‎thinking that it had ended this shocking practice,” said the British MPs, calling on the British ‎government to suspend all aid until the matter was settled.‎