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JPost on PMW special report presented to European MPs

Herb Keinon  |

JPost on PMW special report:
The PA may have deceived Western countries

Headline: 'Palestinians duping world by denying it pays salaries to prisoners in Israeli jails'

by Herb Keinon

Palestinian Authority claims to have stopped paying salaries to convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons is a ruse intended to dupe Western countries into continuing financial support of the PA, according to a report released Sunday by Palestinian Media Watch.

The report was published before a meeting of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) meeting scheduled for Wednesday in Brussels. The AHLC, established in 1993 during the Oslo process, is the principal mechanism for international aid to the Palestinian Authority.

According to the report, written by PMW director Itamar Marcus, the PA in August 2014 announced that it had closed its Ministry of Prisoners Affairs, which funneled monthly salaries to terrorists, because of pressure from Western donors.

Rather than a PA ministry, a PLO Commission of Prisoners Affairs – purportedly independent of the PA and its funding – was set up to pay the salaries.

The international community, according to the report, largely accepted these changes as assurance the PA was no longer paying salaries to terrorists.

“However,” the report read, “the PLO commission was new only in name. The PLO body would have the same responsibilities and pay the exact same amounts of salaries to prisoners; the former PA minister of prisoners affairs, Issa Karake, became the director of the new PLO commission and PA President Mahmoud Abbas retained overall supervision of the PLO Commission.”

The Palestinian Authority declined to comment on the report.

According to the report, based on comments made by Palestinian officials, the perpetually financially strapped PA spent $144 million in 2014 paying salaries to incarcerated and release prisoners.

The report recommended that Western donors “ask whether the PLO Commission for Prisoners Affairs was created for the sole purpose of deceiving Western donors regarding the payment of salaries to terrorists.”