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Sec. Gen. of PA Jerusalem council calls Israel’s establishment “the Palestinian Holocaust”

From an article by Secretary-General of the PA's Islamic-Christian Council for Jerusalem and the Holy Places Hana Issa.
Headline: “The Palestinian people’s Nakba
“According to UNRWA’s statistics from January 2014, there are 914,192 refugees in the West Bank, residing in 19 refugee camps, and 1,307,014 refugees registered in the [UNRWA] agency that reside in 8 refugee camps in the Gaza Strip. That being the case, there will not be a just, final settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without recognition of the Arab Palestinian refugee’s right to return to his home, from which he was uprooted. Denying the right of return to the innocent victims of this conflict, while a flow of Jewish immigrants into the territories which the occupation entity conquered from the Palestinian state is enabled, is contrary to the principle of fundamental justice… The Nakba (i.e., 'the catastrophe,' Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) of 1948 forced about 900,000 Palestinians to emigrate outside of their cities and villages after the Jews and their military gangs destroyed them, especially those along the Palestinian coast, from Rosh Hanikra (i.e., Israel's northernmost point) to Gaza. During the ’Palestinian Holocaust,’ Israel demolished over 540 Palestinian villages and turned them into pitiable ashes or into Jewish settlements and colonies built on their ruins… ”

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