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Israel and US happy about IS because it serves their interests for “strife and civil wars” in the region to continue

Excerpt from article by Hafez Barghouti, regular columnist and former editor in chief of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
: “Soon they will recognize the Islamic State [IS]”
     “Observers agree that it is difficult to wipe out the IS organization in Iraq and Syria. On the contrary, this organization is spreading beyond these countries, and at the moment it rules an area of not less than 200 square kilometers in Eastern Syria and Western Iraq. The official and administrative structure of the organization is being praised by Western top officials, and especially the Americans, as if they admire it, to an extent that in the future they will recognize this organization. This is because what is important in the eyes of the West is not the character of the regime, but the extent to which they protect the essential interests of the West and Israel. Whether it is democratic or monarchic, or a monarchy passed on by inheritance, is not a condition. The condition is the continuation of strife and civil wars. If the West and America succeed in receiving these guarantees [from IS], as the Americans got them from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt before Mubarak fell, Washington will be the first to recognize Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi as caliph of the IS. This is because according to current American policy there’s a plan to leave the situation of anarchy and warfare in the world as it is, regardless of the identity of the fighters or rulers, because what’s important is the continuation of strife and civil wars, in addition to guarding American and Israeli interests… Personally, I won’t join IS, even if it establishes a caliphate following a righteous path, because I love my land. However, I will swear allegiance to Abu Jahl (i.e., Amr Ibn Hisham - a pagan who was one of Muhammad’s first enemies in Mecca) or any ruler, organization, creature, or agent that will come to our lands and liberate us from the occupation. However, it seems to me that the occupation is in coordination with all these organizations, and therefore they’ll only throw roses at it.”

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