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Art project for Guinness world record shows fingerprints of Palestinians from “Palestine that was occupied in 1948”

Headline: “Fingerprint – a Palestinian project aspiring to break four Guinness world records”
“A group of young Palestinians from the city of Nazareth launched the Fingerprint project, in an attempt to break Guinness world records with four works of art. The goal of the project, which was launched on May 2 [2015] and will last a month, under the title One Homeland, One Blood, One People, is to send two key messages: The first to the Arab world, that the Arabs in Israel are part of that [Arab] nation, from the [Atlantic] Ocean to the [Persian] Gulf, and that they continue to hold onto their land and defend their Arab identity. The second message is the highlighting of their cultural Arab identity and their social unity…
The Palestinian painter Hani Khouri, who conceived the project, said the four works competing to enter the Guinness Book of World Records are:
1. A collection of 10,000 fingerprints of Palestinians from the West Bank, from Palestine that was occupied in 1948 and from Jerusalem, on a canvas with a painting of a map of historical Palestine. In this context, Khouri notes that 3,000 Palestinians from the 1948 territories (i.e., Israel) and the West Bank left their fingerprints on the map (which has a white background)[all parentheses in source] in the colors of the Palestinian flag (black, red, and green), from the launch of the project until today.”