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Israel Hayom newsletter cites PMW's report on PA salaries for terrorists

Judith Bergman  |

Judith Bergman, May 29, 2015

Headline: "Payers and players" 

"According to a Palestinian Media Watch report from May 18, the Palestinian Authority continues to pay salaries to convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons, despite promising EU and U.S. donors in 2014 that this practice had stopped. According to the report, in 2014 the PA paid prisoners and freed prisoners $144 million, or approximately $12 million every month. Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf stated at the time that 'the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs established in the Palestinian National Authority has the third highest monthly budget in the PA, meaning it is the third-largest PA government ministry. That is, over 40 million shekels [$12 million] a month, which the PA pays the prisoners, the released prisoners and their families.' Also according to the report, 'The international community was outraged by Palestinian Media Watch's documentation and demanded that the PA stop using donor money to fund terrorists' and threatened to cut off funding.
Fortunately for the PA, it does not take much to appease the international community and make the money flow nicely again. The PA issued the following declaration: 'President Mahmoud Abbas has published a presidential decree which will turn the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners' and Released Prisoners' Affairs from a ministry that is subordinate to the Palestinian [Authority] government into a Supreme National Commission of Prisoners' and Released Prisoners' Affairs, which will be subordinate to the PLO and supervised by it and by the Palestinian presidency [Abbas].'
This decree, turning the salaries into a PLO affair, was enough to reassure Western donors that their money was not being used to reward terrorists for their murders of Israeli citizens. Notably, the Western donors were not at all bothered by the fact that terrorists were being rewarded with the PLO's own money, because the billion dollar per year aid instantly resumed.
Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA, however, is indeed still using Western donor aid to pay convicted terrorists, released terrorists and their families, as well as the families of so-called martyrs, and has presented this fact to a group of British, Dutch and German parliamentarians, who seemed entirely oblivious to this fact. Similarly, Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard was asked in the Danish parliament about the PA's recent renewal of payments to three terrorists convicted of lynching two Israeli reservists in 2000. His curt reply was that the Danish Foreign Ministry is not aware of the issue.
European donor countries are yet again participating in the funding and rewarding of Palestinian terrorism, but Mogherini does not seem burdened by this fact.
One of the answers to this unsavory predicament -- and the extraordinary indifference of European governments to it-- may lie in the hands of the European taxpayer, whose money is spent in this criminal and immoral manner. European taxpayers should demand to know what their parliamentary representatives intend to do about the fact that their money is being spent on rewarding the murderers of Jews in Israel."