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Fatah Facebook announces it is “under media attack” by Israel

“Just a reminder! Since its launching, Fatah’s main page has been under a media attack by the Israeli occupation.”
Ofir Gendelman, spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has attacked the page more than 20 times since its launching, whether with a direct statement or through posting comments harmful to the page and those responsible for it! The Hebrew press mentioned Fatah’s main page more than 30 times, and stated that the policies of the page are very provocative in their eyes, as the page refers to the Martyrs (Shahids) and prisoners daily, records the daily violations of the occupation, and supports resistance. This caused them to talk a lot about the need to close the page! The main page of Fatah will continue to be a thorn in the side of the occupation and its assistants, and will remain an exalted media platform, that won’t be shaken by the winds.”

Note: Just a few days after this post, the Fatah “Main Page” on Facebook was deactivated. For years, PMW has been reporting on hate, terror and violence promotion propagated by Fatah’s “Main Page.” Possibly as a result of PMW’s exposure and international pressure, Fatah was forced to deactivate its “Main Page” on Facebook.

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