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Israel kills its own citizens in terror attacks and frames the PLO for them, to elicit world sympathy

Headline: “Negotiations on a golden platter”
Excerpt from article by Hassan Salim -
      “As we know, Israel is not afraid of financial losses, despite its importance, because it has received comprehensive insurance to cover its costs of living, its continued existence and development, and its losses. The world pays this by force, or voluntarily, as an expression of solidarity and request for forgiveness for it [Israel] being the victim of a historical injustice, according to the Israeli narrative, which it has turned into fact. Some Arabs cooperate with them, promoting it [the Israeli narrative] to please the West and to show they do not espouse Antisemitism (Israel’s scarecrow) [parentheses in source].
Likewise, Israel is not afraid of casualties among its citizens, or those it places on its list of citizens, as it has many converts [to Judaism], and there are many more waiting to move [to Israel], whom it can bring in at any given moment, and all that is needed is to put a kippah (i.e., Jewish skullcap) on them. The history of Israel is full of [military] operations, explosions and sinking of ships carrying Jews, carried out by people of the Mossad (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.) This is so Israel can tell the world that the PLO did it, and thus stick a label of terror on it, and become the victim. Israel’s interest isn’t money it can lose, or a Jew dying here or there, as it has plenty of both. What interests it is, to enjoy security and to be a natural part of the area, to settle , without hate, and without being subjected to isolation. The Arabs – and we [Palestinians] among them – can do something against this kind of occupation: [We can] express to them [the Israelis] our hatred of them and their policies, by not accepting them in our capital cities. We, the Palestinians, must express this to them, at least by smiling at them after greeting them when we pass through their checkpoints and the crossings they control. We must tell our children when they see them that they are occupying our land. This type of peaceful resistance is better than nothing, even if it’s the bare minimum.”