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PA daily op-ed: "America… planted the IS [Islamic State] organization and gave it the oil of the Arabs"

“In America, your host is proud to tell you that there’s no smoking in his house, and therefore you can’t light a cigarette… and pollute the clean space of his home. At the same time, he won’t hesitate or be ashamed to stop you on the street, without knowing you, and ask you for a cigarette. This is also the case regarding the demand of Western regimes to rule democratically and justly, while they give themselves the right and legitimacy to set up torture centers at Guantánamo Bay in southeast Cuba and at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Likewise they legitimized to the uprising in Syria and Libya, and at the same time they don’t [legitimize what is happening] in Yemen. In addition, they supported the uprising of Jan. 25, 2012 in Egypt, and the rise of the [Muslim] Brotherhood to power, but considered [the uprising on] June 30, 2013 as a revolution. This is the same America that planted the IS [Islamic State] organization and gave it the oil of the Arabs, which it sells on the black market to fund its plan - and all this before its [America’s] eyes and ears. This is also the same America that sponsors the Israeli settlement enterprise, while supporting the independence of South Sudan in February 2011, despite the significant differences between the two cases, as the first is occupation, and the second an internal wish [for independence] and a dispute over the distribution of resources.”